Keeping in the Flow

Keeping in the Flow is an Internet Hub where we post information and share our thoughts and passions, and a digital platform to promote the activities and events we make available to the public. We chose the name Keeping in the Flow because this expression reflects how we have chosen to live our lives.

Throughout the years, we have learned to accept the importance and necessity of letting go of many beliefs, habits and mindsets, even those that seem enjoyable or those we cling to because they help define our reality and justify our actions. However, we are slowly remembering who we are, why we are here, and have come to over-stand that our perception of reality, for the most part, is determined by the way we have been conditioned through social engineering and mind programming. Many of the programs given to us keep us locked in negative and harmful mindsets, learned helplessness, and spiritually immature. We have come to inner-stand that if we want to be intellectual, emotionally, and spiritual healthy we must strive to free ourselves from all religious, spiritual and cultural cul-de-sacs . Culture is definitely not our friend.

We are slowly remembering that humans are much more beautiful and have greater potential than we have been led to beLIEve. We seek to grow and expand our consciousness awareness. We seek to achieve our fullest potential, and while we may not exactly know where we are going, we trust that if we keep in the flow, and strive to always make the next best decision, we are heading toward greater physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.

We endeavor to keep in the flow and live mindfully in each present moment, so we may have greater awareness, and connect with the more meaningful aspects of life. The more we do this, the better we become at doing this, and the more we begin to self-determine, and grow in consciousness and heal.

As we remember together.

Sacred Living

The notion of sacredness means different things for different people, but in general it is connected to the concept of Divinity and falls under the purview of religious domains. Sacredness can also be used in a secular context for things entitled to reverence and respect, for example.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines SACRED as:

  1. a :  dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity a tree sacred to the gods

    b :  devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose) a fund sacred to charity

  2. a :  worthy of religious veneration : holy

    b :  entitled to reverence and respect

  3. :  of or relating to religion :  not secular or profane sacred music

  4. archaic : accursed

  5. a : unassailable, inviolable

    b :  highly valued and important a sacred responsibility

Keeping in the Flow has decided to use the word Sacred as an adjective to denote the quality of nouns such as Living, Gardening, and Land Management. We have chosen this adjective as a means to communicate the importance, value, reverence, and respect we place in our practice/form of Living, Gardening and Land Management. The word Sacred is a powerful statement. It conveys our commitment and conviction to navigate skillfully around the perverse and profane.

We do not use the word Sacred to set our practices aside for the worship of deities or Gods. We do not imply or deny their existence, or the role they are believed to play in various aspects of life and/or spiritual affairs. We choose to avoid any vagueness or confusion by not invoking such implications in our minds.

Sacred Living calls for the integration of every aspect of a persons lifestyle (e.g. nutrition, therapeutics, work, spiritual and leisure activities, thoughts, relationships, etc.) and mindful living. We conceive Sacred Living as the expression of the higher self.

As we navigate the complexities of living in this world – a place we like to call The Carnival –, Keeping in the Flow has become somewhat like a mantra, whilst  Sacred Living is the core, focus, and intention of almost everything we strive to accomplish. The concept of Sacred Living and our motivations are not easy to describe and communicate to others. Perhaps this is partially because our knowledge is incomplete and we are still remembering through direct experiences – as opposed to learning through dogma.  We struggle to convey the significance and importance of choosing Sacred Living as spiritual healing practice and a necessity/urgency of life.

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Sacred Gardening

Sacred Gardening can be defined as an art form and healing practice that consists of using intuition and knowledge gained from direct experiences to co-create with all beings and forces in the Universe to expand human consciousness and produce nourishment.

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Sacred Land Management

Given our personal endeavor and commitment towards Sacred Living and the lessons learned through our spiritual practice of  Sacred Gardening, we have decided to establish some guiding principals so we can be aware, conscious, and responsible of our actions on the entire landscape under our direct stewardship. We have decided to call these outcome of these observances Sacred Land Management.

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Workshops, Training & Coaching

Keeping in the Flow hosts various workshops, training and coaching sessions for individuals, couples,  small or large group. We can also serve as consultants for organizations who need external expertise.

We are certified and/or specialized in the following fields of activities:

  • Yoga (Hatha and Vinyasa certified)
  • Yoga of Recovery  ( YoR certified)
  • Acroyoga  (Certified AcroYoga Teacher)
  • Farming and Gardening (Specializations)
  • Nutrition: Wild Foraging, Medicinal Herbs, Essential Oils, Food Fermentation
  • Environmental Certification (FSC – Forestry, USDA – NOP Organic, USDA – GAP, ISO 14001)

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