Keeping in the Flow

Keeping in the Flow is an Internet Hub where we post information and share our thoughts and passions, and a digital platform to promote the activities and events we make available to the public.

We chose the name Keeping in the Flow because this expression reflects how we have chosen to live our lives. Throughout the years, we have learned to accept the importance and necessity of letting go of many beliefs, habits and mindsets, even those that seem enjoyable or those we cling too because they help define, shape and justify our reality and actions. However, we are slowly remembering who we are, why we are here, and have come to over-stand that what we perceive to be absolute realities, were for the most part, simply fabricated and given to us through culture and social engineering techniques. These manufactured realities have kept us locked in negative and harmful mindsets, learned helplessness and perpetual adolescence. We have come to inner-stand that we must strive to free ourselves from all religious, spiritual and cultural cul-de-sacs. We are slowly remembering that we are something much greater and much more beautiful than we have ever known, felt or seen. We seek to grow and expand towards our fullest potential, and while we may not exactly know where we are going, we trust that if we keep in the flow, and strive to always make the next best decision, we are heading toward greater physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.

We endeavor to keep in the flow and live mindfully in each present moment, so we may have greater awareness, and connect with the more meaningful aspects of life. The more we do this, the better we become at doing this, and the more we begin to self-determine, and grow in consciousness and heal.

As we remember together.

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