Sacred Land Management

Given our personal endeavor and commitment towards Sacred Living and the lessons learned through our spiritual practice of  Sacred Gardening (Agriculture), we have decided to establish some guiding principals so we can be aware, conscious, and responsible of our actions on the entire landscape under our direct stewardship. We have decided to call these outcome of these observances Sacred Land Management.

Sacred Land Management is not a familiar concept in modern day culture and western civilization. There is, however, an increasing awareness and consensus that humanity must improve its relationship with nature and all the inhabitants of the planet. Perhaps the emergence of the sustainable development paradigm is an indication that we have collectively arrived at a place where we can no longer ignore our spiritual yearnings and desire to lead more wholesome lives? But is sustainable development enough?

If anyone thought that transitioning from a purely pragmatic, economic and money-driven capitalistic society to a more socio-environmentally responsible model of sustainable development was a challenge, then it comes without saying that building a deeper, more spiritual, loving and nurturing partnership with nature is even more challenging. For this outstanding shift to occur, a complete overhaul of most social, economic, and cultural management frameworks/models will be required.

We do not feel particularly optimistic that the Deep Control System will allow for, or that humanity as a whole will undergo, the important spiritual transformation needed to see the widespread birthing of Sacred Land Management. Having said that, we do expect that some precocious and more intuitive individuals, or communities, will emancipate themselves from the confining programs and denigrating mindsets of modern culture, and seek alternative ways of living and relating to the land. We suspect these people and communities will most likely converge in their aspirations and seek each other out in order to share information and/or resources.

We do not contend to have all the answers to the difficult questions that pertain to Sacred Land Management. Moreover, we recognize that different people have different notions of what is perceived and conceived as being Sacred. Our innerstanding of Sacred Living and Sacred Land Management is rooted in the general principals of respect, non-violence, and the desire for continual growth/expansion of consciousness. The crux of everything we do is assist the healing process.

We do not:

  • Condone the intentional killing of animals or insects;
  • Promote or participate in illicit activities or other pursuits rooted in disingenuous, immoral, insidious, selfish, or other perverse mindsets;
  • Engage in the use of intoxicant (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, cannabis) or other drugs that may cause addiction and/or impede the bodies natural abilities to heal itself.
  • Submit to abusive decrees or dogma, nor do we yield our sovereignty to ill-intentioned and/or misguided authorities

We do:

  • Consider the needs of all living beings that share the land, including wild animals, birds, trees, plants, insects, macro-microorganisms, etc.
  • Co-create rather than dominate
  • Assist, learn and remember
  • Bring our awareness to the flows that enter and exit the land under our stewardship (e.g. wind, water, wildlife, etc.)
  • Respect prior and future land occupants (e.g. ancestral/heritage values and legacies)

Our approach to land management may appear to be drastic or extreme, but we contend that it is humanity as a whole that has drifted into unwholesome extremes. From where we stand, we are not overly radical or unrealistic. We have very strong spiritual practices that have helped us remember a great deal of valuable information; information useful for deep healing to take place.

Keeping in the Flow would like to share with, and learn from, all those who require information and need support in their efforts to setup and manage their land and/or expand their spiritual practices.

Our Sacred Land Management Program is valuable for:

  • Owners/Proprietors who seek guidance in setting up a new farm, land/estate or wish to convert their land to a more natural, sustainable, spiritual living space.
  • Owners/Proprietors who need assistance in identifying the various types of trees, plants, insects, and wildlife habitat on their land. We can help identify wild edible and/or medicinal plants, important wildlife refuges or feeding/drinking areas, for example.
  • Owners/Proprietors who need to delegate certain responsibilities so they may reduce their direct involvement, while continuing to enjoy the full benefits of their sacred farm/land.
  • Widows, elderly or incapacitated persons who can’t fully cope with the complexity, amount or the demanding nature of the labor and management duties required in Sacred Land Management.
  • Owners/Proprietors who need to take a leave of absence, or vacation, and need someone they can trust to look after their assets.

A partnership with  Keeping in the Flow toward Sacred Land Management is a relationship based on mutual trust, effective communication, and shared concerns for the integrity and sanctity of the land, and the spiritual well-being of all its occupants.

On a more technical side, we can also assist with, for example:

  • The conversion or maintenance of farm land or forestland to a certified sustainable operation (e.g. USDA Organic, USDA GAP certification, DEMETER Biodynamic, FSC – Sustainable Forestry, GAP, etc.).
  • Some of the bureaucratic and administrative processes.
  • The management of current staff (e.g. farm hands) or volunteers (e.g. WWOOFers, interns and apprentices).
  • The planning and acquiring of  resources, building and maintenance of equipment, etc.
  • The management of external land/farm professionals that conduct recurring business on the farm (e.g. veterinarian, local authorities, auditors, etc.)
  • Organizing social event, community supported agriculture (CSA) memberships, etc.
  • Creating and maintaining various marketing devices (e.g. website, blog, trade-shows, workshops, etc.).

If you need assistance in setting-up and/or managing your land/estate, but haven’t found anyone that you feel really innerstands the importance and sacredness of the land, then perhaps Keeping In the Flow is the partner you’ve been looking for all along?

Email us if you want to know more: