BETONY – Got to LOVE the Rattlesnake Root

According the the UDSA and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture BETONY is not only a “weed”, it is CLASS B noxious invasive pest and a threat to the State.

In reality, BETONY is native to Florida; it was here first! We are the invasive species on the land, if anything?! Someone should of told Betony that is was not welcome on golf courses and in the food stores of America.

Two experts of the UGA Extension Service recommend products containing atrazine, 2,4-D (various trade names), dicamba, and 2,4-D + MCPP + dicamba, and spot treatments of glyphosate (Roundup, others) to control betony.

Does having a PhD make someone an expert? I don’t think so. Most university professors (fa-CULT-ies) are simply TOOLS being used by chemical, medical, or pharmaceutical corporations, and other institutions. They are not unbiased and should never be seen as the authority on any given subject whatsoever.

I see Betony as a friend, a teacher, and an ally that can help humans heal in so many ways. Betony volunteered in my garden. I eat the roots and assist its expansion. Last year I lacto-fermented some roots with turmeric. They made a very crunchy and delicious probiotic medicine/food.

Seems like there is a GREAT DIVIDE between those willing the will of the system and those willing a higher will? Our mental, emotional, and spiritual health depends on which side we choose…