Healing With Nature Wounds

Humans can heal while nature mends from human inflicted wounds. It’s an old alchemical concept that is used by herbalists, homeopaths, and borrowed (i.e. abused) by the the pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine.

If I am part of nature and if we are one, then if I wound nature I am wounding myself. Yes? If nature heals itself then it must also be healing me. Right? Perhaps things are not as straightforward, but I suspect there may always be a way for humans to heal by “piggybacking” on nature’s healing capacities.

Nature offers us the potential to mend our wounds, grow and learn valuable lessons. But do we always seize the opportunity? We have the arrogant and destructive tendency to use nature (e.g. services and resources) and be gone. We can’t see behind the surface and project our selfishness on nature. Nature is very giving.

No destruction and no wounding is an ideal, but impracticable. In that case, less might be more. But what is the right dosage? Can remember how to learn the lessons?