Workshops, Training & Coaching

Keeping in the Flow hosts various workshops, training and coaching sessions for individuals, couples,  small or large group. We can also serve as consultants for organizations who need external expertise.


We are certified and/or specialized in the following fields of activities:

  • Yoga (Hatha and Vinyasa certified)

Kate began her personal practice of the physical aspects of yoga in 2005. She began practicing yoga for the physical benefits while training for the New York Marathon and soon realized yoga was an integrated system of holistic health, in which the physical and stress reduction benefits of yoga poses are only a small part of a much more encompassing quest for self-discovery. Once she gave her inner spirit a voice, she began to walk a path of her own truth, and the journey began. In 2009, she received (200 RYT) teacher’s training in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga at Frog Lotus Studios in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. While Kate appreciates the metaphysical and energetic practices of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), and meditation, she finds the most important and most beneficial healing aspect of yoga is the path of purification, which includes the yamas and niyamas, the ethical codes of living that must accompany these energetic practices. By purifying our lives in all ways possible at the deepest levels, our thoughts, words and actions in life, our lifestyle choices, we can raise our vibrations and cultivate a deeper awareness and inner-standing of our higher purpose of our human existence. The yogic path of purification brings us out of the mode of forgetfulness and into the mode of remembrance, remembering that our mind, body and spirit are always connected, remembering who we were before we arrived in this body, and remembering our higher divine spirit self. The yogic path of purification is essential in expanding and growing in love and consciousness until our last breath.

  • Yoga of Recovery  ( YoR certified)

In 2010, Kate received Yoga of Recovery for Counselors Certification from Durga at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in upstate New York. Yoga of Recovery focuses on thriving in recovery and beyond as it offers a holistic approach to address the deep root causes of addictive tendencies and self-destructive behaviors and offers solutions consisting of a full range of therapies for the mind, body and spirit. This program integrates the ancient holistic healing practices of Ayurveda and Yoga and the traditional recovery tools of the 12-step program. These powerful healing modalities of a physical movement practice, breath awareness, meditation, detoxification and purification through lifestyle choices help strengthen mental and emotional sobriety, optimize overall health and wellness and cultivates sustained spiritual growth throughout a lifetime. Thriving in recovery and attaining lasting inner joy, peace and freedom are truly possible with Yoga of Recovery.

  • Acroyoga  (Certified Level 1 AcroYoga Teacher)

In 2013 Kate received AcroYoga Level 1 teaching certification in Guadalajara Mexico through AcroYoga International. AcroYoga is a multidimensional movement practice rooted in the mindfulness and ancient wisdom of yoga which creates the foundation from which to discover and explore the dynamic power and playfulness of acrobatics and the soft healing energy of Thai massage therapeutics. This partner practice cultivates our deep listening skills, communication, trust, compassion and connection, while helping us unlock our highest potentials through relationship and a loving conscious community. It is a movement practice founded on a science of intelligent progression which offers building blocks accessible to everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes in a safe, fun and loving environment. Acro yoga speaks to the quest in all of our hearts which is inner peace, joy, love and freedom.


  • Farming and Gardening (Specialization)

Organic and Biodynamic agriculture certification, Cattle Ranch Farming, and Sacred Land Management and Gardening.

  • Nutrition, Wild Foraging, Medicinal Herbs, Essential Oils, and Food Fermentation (Specialization)

Current Ongoing Events

Redefining Reality – The Nutrition Series