Sacred Living

The notion of sacredness means different things for different people, but in general it is connected to the concept of Divinity and falls under the purview of religious domains. Sacredness can also be used in a secular context for things entitled to reverence and respect, for example.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines SACRED as:

  1. a :  dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity a tree sacred to the gods

    b :  devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose) a fund sacred to charity

  2. a :  worthy of religious veneration : holy

    b :  entitled to reverence and respect

  3. :  of or relating to religion :  not secular or profane sacred music

  4. archaic : accursed

  5. a : unassailable, inviolable

    b :  highly valued and important a sacred responsibility

Keeping in the Flow has decided to use the word Sacred as an adjective to denote the quality of nouns such as Living, Gardening, and Land Management. We have chosen this adjective as a means to communicate the importance, value, reverence, and respect we place in our practice/form of Living, Gardening and Land Management. The word Sacred is a powerful statement. It conveys our commitment and conviction to navigate skillfully around the perverse and profane.

We do not use the word Sacred to set our practices aside for the worship of deities or Gods. We do not imply or deny their existence, or the role they are believed to play in various aspects of life and/or spiritual affairs. We choose to avoid any vagueness or confusion by not invoking such implications in our minds.

Sacred Living calls for the integration of every aspect of a persons lifestyle (e.g. nutrition, therapeutics, work, spiritual and leisure activities, thoughts, relationships, etc.) and mindful living. We conceive Sacred Living as the expression of the higher self.

As we navigate the complexities of living in this world – a place we like to call The Carnival –, Keeping in the Flow has become somewhat like a mantra, whilst  Sacred Living is the core, focus, and intention of almost everything we strive to accomplish. The concept of Sacred Living and our motivations are not easy to describe and communicate to others. Perhaps this is partially because our knowledge is incomplete and we are still remembering through direct experiences – as opposed to learning through dogma.  We struggle to convey the significance and importance of choosing Sacred Living as spiritual healing practice and a necessity/urgency of life.