Human Consciousness and Spirit Possession

Is there a relationship between human consciousness and spirit possession? Who are you? Who is doing the thinking and whose will are you willing?

There is little doubt that our minds have been tampered with and that we’ve been, and still are being, brainwashed. But are we also under the influence of various thought forms, egregores, and being possessed by spirits and other non-corporeal beings?

Let’s see if we can answers some of these important questions.

Environmental Certification – Manipulation, Corruption, Greenwashing, and Spiritual Narcissism

Most people don’t have a clue what environmental certification is really about. People trust external authorities and rely on their judgment and capacity to discriminate between harmful products or services from those that are ethically produced and safe to their health or the environment. But are we justified to trust certification bodies/agencies and have faith in their competencies, honesty and capacities?

Do you really know about the USDA NOP – Organic Agriculture certification scheme?

Do you really know about the DEMTER Biodynamic Agriculture certification scheme?

What about sustainable forestry?

WAR ON WEEDS – Eradicating your Food Security, Sovereignty, and Spiritual Connection to Creation

This short audio podcast exposes the nonsensical war on wild edibles/medicinal herbs (AKA “weeds”). This war of your food sovereignty is orchestrated by the government who is under the influence of the Big Ag and GMO lobby and all the psychopathic chemical corporations.

These so called “experts” (i.e. brainwashed tools) fail to recognize that many of what they call “noxious weeds” are actually highly nutritious foodstuff. These wonderful plants growing all around us require no pest management plans, no fertilization and no watering regimes. They could easily replace many of the domesticated and genetically modified crops that we call “food”; crops that require a tremendous amount of energy, water, and toxic chemical to grow.

I maintain that “the war on weeds” is really an attack on our spiritual connection to Creation and a means to eradicate our food security and sovereignty.

The special case of Palmer Amaranth is presented.

The Corporate Military Medical Complex and the Hijacking of Creation and Health Care

Well folks, hold on to you hats for this one!

I discuss the link between Genetic Engineering, Synthetic Gut Bacteria and Probiotics, Social Engineering, Fecal Fixation, Mind Control, and Occult MagicK.

  • What is the “key” to human health?
  • Does the medical establishment and the so call “experts” actually know what is “human health”?
  • Is the system actually designed to make us healthy?
  • Why has the military complex teamed us with the medical industry and Big Pharma corporations?
  • Is it possible that the holistic and alternative medicine movement is being hijacked? Or was its inception, growth, and take-over planned all along?

I have concluded that some very misguided people are conspiring to create a version of reality that seeks not to emancipate and heal humanity, but to keep it in bondage and servitude. We are being guided towards living artificial lives and being connected to things of lower vibrations.

There is a great divide taking place. Look around you! The choices you make now will determine which side you will find yourself, and how “healthy” you will become… Beware! The experts, authorities, pied pipers, tools, and dis-info agents are all around us and pulling us away from Creation.

Observe, Analyze and Conclude for yourself.

HIV AIDS Fallacy of the Mind

I heard some unbelievable information regarding HIV/AIDS. In this Podcast I present my research.



I try to answer the following questions:

1) Who discovered AIDS and that HIV is the cause of AIDS?
2) Is this discovery scientifically valid? What is the “proof”.
3) Deniers claim HIV does not cause AIDS. What are “HIV+ people dying from?